About Us

🌈Wonderfully Weathery Books is an Irish owned business set up up to publish a series of children’s picture books about a land called Weatherville - Where the weather lives!

🌈The land of Weatherville exists way up high and is the home to every cloud, snowflake, raindrop, drizzledrop, rainbow and any other weather related wonder! They walk, they talk, they laugh, they cry but most of all their friendships teach us how the weather works! 

🌈The aim of these books is to teach children about the weather by introducing them to different weather characters and showing how they interact together to create different types of weather!

 🌈The first book in the series is called ‘Riley Rainbow and the Colour Catastrophe’ and was released in March of this year.

 🌈The books are written by myself Elayne Heaney, mummy to one little boy, David and wife to one husband David (very confusing!) and we live beside the sea in Skerries Co Dublin. 

🌈I am currently living life a second time through the eyes of my little man. I have a new found fascination for all things weather and nature related. David and I spend our days naming clouds shapes, talking to seagulls and trying to save bees (although sometimes I fear that we might just be scaring the life out of them!). 

🌈The books evolved out of David's overwhelming curiosity and need to understand how everything around him worked as a small child - my anecdotal stories about weather turned into a land called Weatherville, then the characters  were doodled, the rhymes began and thus the books were born.

 🌈Two new books are coming soon so stay posted for details!

 🌈The second book is called “Chloe Cloud and the Friendly Fog” - a book about a caring cloud called Chloe who makes a silly mistake but nonetheless ends up forging a fantastic new friendship. The weather elements introduced in this book are clouds, fog and wind.

 🌈The third book is called “ David Drizzledrop and the Puddle Party” - it tells the story of the a nervous little drizzledrop called David who overcomes his fears to have the best day ever.The weather elements spotlighted in this book are clouds, rain and an overall look at the water cycle.