Mummy how does the water get into the sky?

MUMMY HOW DOES THE WATER GET INTO THE SKY?... it’s really weird alright because we can’t see a huge pipe that sucks up all the water from the sea or we can’t see a giant well up in the sky so HOW does it up there without us seeing! 


It all happens when the light of the sun heats the water lying on the Earth below. Water in streams, rivers,lakes,even water drops on leaves or sweat on animals!The heat of the sun warms up these droplets to the point that they turn to water vapour - like the steam you see coming out of a kettle - this vapour is light and rises up into the air easily - it then combines with cooler air to form what we see as clouds. The clouds eventually become so jammed with busy little water droplets that they burst and it starts to rain causing all the water to fall back to earth in the form of rain!! This is called the water cycle and is how the water gets into the sky! A M A Z I N G 💦