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  • Wonderfully Weathery Books selected as Top 5 for the Fáilte initiative 2023 hosted by Carrolls Irish Gifts

    Wonderfully Weathery Books selected as Top 5 in the Fáilte initiate 2023 with Carrolls Irish GiftS.
  • Wonderfully Weathery Books in the Sunday Business Post magazine

    A lovely mention today in the Sunday Business Post Magazine - describing the books as ‘characterful’
  • Mummy is rain smelly?

    Mummy I think I can smell the rain! Even though water has no smell you can actually smell the rain! So yes rain is smelly!

  • Irish Examiner and Wonderfully Weathery Books

    Wonderfully Weathery Books feature in ‘ Tots to Teens” section of the Irish Examiner - June 2023
  • David Drizzledrop and the Puddle Party - Out of stock

    David Drizzledrop and the Puddle Party shows us where all those raindrops really come from - don’t worry it will back soon! The raindrops are on summer hi


    Wonderfully Weathery Books have been listed a finalist in the Irish Made Awards which is super exciting!
    Thank you to the judges for selecting Wonderfully Weathery Books  as a finalist - we are so grateful!
  • Mummy how does the water get into the sky?

    MUMMY HOW DOES THE WATER GET INTO THE SKY?... it’s really weird alright because we can’t see a huge pipe that sucks up all the water from the sea o...
  • Mummy what is Fog?

    MUMMY WHAT IS FOG? Did you ever wake up to feel like your house is up in the clouds? Well you probably woke up on a very foggy day!   When the temp...
  • Mummy what are clouds white?

    MUMMY WHY ARE CLOUDS WHITE?...mmm well clouds are white because they reflect the light of the sun.Light is made up of all the colours of the rainbo...
  • Mummy why is it so windy?

    MUMMY WHY IS IT SO WINDY?... today was very windy on our beach walk and we were literally being pushed along when we had our backs to the wind! But...
  • Mummy why does the wind make noise?

  • Mummy why is the sky blue?

    Mummy why is the sky blue?