Mummy is rain smelly?

MUMMY I THINK I CAN SMELL THE RAIN!Todays Wednesday weather fact is all about the rain and how it smells! Yes it’s smells!!


Water doesn’t actually have a smell- so what makes rain smell? Well it’s all to do with chemicals on the ground that get shot up into the air when rain hits it!


There’s a molecule called GEOSMIN which is created by bacteria in the soil. When the rain falls on it, it creates little pockets of air containing tiny amounts of Geosmin.


The rain traps and then releases these little scented air pockets and they travel out into the air and that’s the smell that our sniffers picks up!


The earthy smell of rain even has a name - Petrichor 💦


So the next it rains, remember to open those nostrils and sniff the air to see if you can smell the rain!