Mummy why is the sky blue?

MUMMY WHY US THE SKY BLUE? ... what a great question right? So why is the sky blue? Most people think that the sky is blue because it’s reflecting the blue colour of the ocean but no that’s not the reason.If that were the case then we wouldn’t have blue skies in the countryside! 

Other people think the blue sky is from all the water that is present in the atmosphere but again nope... there are still blue skies in the dessert where there is no water present in the air! 

So why does the sky appear blue? It’s all to do with how we see light!The white light of the sun is made up all the colours of the rainbow even if you can’t see them in the sunlight. ( red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet).

Light hits the earth and travels in waves ... red waves are long and lazy whilst blue and violet waves are more scattered than the other waves and appear more easily.

Balls of energy in the atmosphere move the blue light around much faster then the other colours as it moves in smaller waves so this is why we see the sky as blue! Also our eyes are more sensitive to blues so that’s why we see blue!


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